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Mike Scantlebury brings you his hero - 'Mickey' from Manchester


Bet you thought you'd lost us!

Yep, is no longer available to Mike Scantlebury - the author. It has been highjacked by Web Pirates and taken down to the car wash for a good clean.

Meanwhile Mike Scantlebury is still busy writing novels, so what should he do?? Why, set up a new Home Page right here, and get started on all those exciting new tales. Read on!




Sorry, maybe I haven't explained this properly.

Since 'MikeScantlebury dot com' got stolen, I've had to set up other websites, such as '' for my new novels, like the one about electing a Mayor in Salford. That's why some of the old novs have been lost for a while and why I'm opening this site - to give them a dust down and a proper airing. Have a look at the page 'Unfinished Novels' and you'll find them there, (slowly, I'm putting up one a week, until I get through the whole list).

Meanwhile existing novels are listed on Amazon, as being for sale as paperbacks, and since Grosvenor Publishing got involved, some of them have been converted for Kindle, so that people can view them online or on their handheld reading device, (ie not a real book, just a screen - don't knock it, it's the modern way).

I've also got a new blog on Tumblr that I'm updating regularly, and videos are going onto Youtube, of course, but also '', listed under my name.

Hope that helps.

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